By 2015, nearly 50% of all U.S. salons will offer some form of the booth rental/leasing model. In the long run, there’s little doubt that the better managed, private and corporate chains and booth rental salons combined will satisfy nearly 75% of all U.S. salon consumer market needs. That’s according to the new “Professional Salon Industry—2013,...


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Every woman needs a bit of makeup. Here are tips for a minimalist, natural look.
Every woman needs a bit of makeup. Here are tips for a minimalist, natural look. Get the steps for creating the look in the Beauty Store Business August Digital Edition! [Image:]
Zelo Professional: At-Home Keratin For Retail
Boca Cosmetics Group scores success with an alternative to in-salon keratin treatments: affordable at-home keratin systems.
A few years ago, when Claudio Correia, president of Boca Cosmetics Group in Boca Raton, Florida, noted that keratin treatments were becoming all the rage in salons across the country, he saw a perfect opportunity to expand his...
The National Retail Federation has announced the formation of the Small Business Retail Council to organize, recruit and engage main street merchants and independent community retailers in grassroots advocacy activities. The council...
Discover the efficiency of the AirJenny—a wall-mounted, movable, hands-free blow dryer holder. For more information, contact Jennifer West:, 310.614.7538.
Ada S. Polla
Tackle beauty-oil questions and recommendations with savvy.
The word “oil-free” has long been one of the most prized words used in skin care; in particular, when recommending products to younger, oilier skin types. However, not all oils are evil. Not only do oils not break out the skin, they...