Allow Pinterest to Boost Your Marketing Efforts, p.2

The bottom line is this: If your beauty store can in any way be marketed with images—and it’s hard to imagine one that can’t—you really need to be on Pinterest yesterday. As with many social networks, Pinterest is free to join. And while the social network officially frowns on blatant self-promotion, there’s apparently more than a little wiggle room to get on the network and make a splash. Here are the Top 10 ways to make the most of your Pinterest presence.

1. Categorize Your Boards.

More Pinterest users will find your online store and its images on Pinterest if you take the time to categorize each collection of images you create for your Pinterest account. It’s better, for example, to categorize a picture collection you post—known as a Pinterest “board”—describing your company’s brand, and image as “About + Your Company Name,” rather than simply “About.”

2. Tell Your Business’ Story.

Sure, you most likely already have an “About” domain on your website. But there’s no reason to force people to click there to grasp a quick idea of what your store is about, its mission, and its products and/or services. Plus, Pinterest gives you an opportunity to communicate that message in images. It’s the language spoken here.

3. Highlight Your Beauty Store Blog in Images.

If you already offer a blog on your website, you’ll be able to bring more traffic to it by highlighting select blog excerpts re-posted on Pinterest, accompanied by a number of arresting, eye-grabbing images. If you’re stuck for images for your blog, check out iStock It offers tens of thousands you can post for only a dollar or two.

4. Post Customer Testimonials.

While endorsements on the Web have been used for years now, there is something to be said for adding a crisp photo of customers recommending your business to others. You can also add customer videos to your board or even pictures of handwritten cards and letters.

5. Feature Top Customers.

If you’ve been able to do business with some especially heavy hitters, it will pay you to devote a special Pinterest category featuring images of these top players. Being able to showcase any client from the Fortune 500, for example, can only add credibility to your own business’ stature.

[Caption: Michelle Courtney, president of True Beauty Store, believes that beautiful images on Pinterest send a message about your brand. Image courtesy of Joe Dysart/True Beauty Store]