Allow Pinterest to Boost Your Marketing Efforts, p.3

6. Show Examples of Beauty Supplies.

Since beauty retail lends itself to portraying products in image form, this is an excellent category to add to your Pinterest account. People are always reassured when they can see images of what they can buy in your store.

7. Add Pricing to Some Beauty Supplies.

Pinterest re-posts all images that include a dollar sign in their description to its special “gifts” domain. Essentially, you’ll be able to get double exposure for every image that has a price in its description. Once on your own Pinterest account, and again in the Pinterest gifts domain. And remember, people cruising Pinterest’s gifts domain are often in a buying mood.

8. Cross-Promote With Other Social Networks.

Many of the same people who are hanging out on Facebook and Twitter are also Pinterest users, so it makes sense to cross-promote on all the social networks where you have an account. You may want to send out a Twitter message, for example, to announce a new collection of pictures you’ve added on Pinterest. And you may want to announce on Pinterest that there’s a special offer available for customers who “Like” your Facebook page.

“Launching Pinterest was an incredible new medium for the AVEYOU Beauty Boutique brand, but it was after linking our Pinterest accounts with Facebook and Twitter that we saw an increase in the number of followers and interactions,” says Brian J. Esposito, CEO of AVEYOU.

“We try to make everything flow and directly correlate with each other,” Esposito adds. “Whenever something is uploaded via Instagram—for example, our Summer Beauty Campaign—it is also tweeted and linked on our Facebook page. Everything we post on social media is live and clickable to direct the consumer back to our website, to allow for purchase.”

Adds’s Sabel, “I often link Twitter and Pinterest when sharing images. And I have used Pinterest in the past to help garner interest in our Facebook page, such as when sharing images of items that are being given away in a Facebook sweepstakes, with a link to that item. In general, I devote separate content to Pinterest, keeping the focus more visually appealing and striking than the content I use on Twitter or Facebook.