Allow Pinterest to Boost Your Marketing Efforts, p.4

9. Make Your Images Easy to Re-Pin.

Every business with a Pinterest account is able to add a “Pin-It” button to its website. Be sure to add one, since it enables visitors to your website to pin your company’s images into their collections on Pinterest. You can also add a Pinterest “follow” button on your website, right next to the “follow” buttons you may already offer for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like. (Both Pinterest buttons are available for installation in your Pinterest account on the Pinterest “Goodies” page.) “Once we saw that Pinterest had potential to increase our brand awareness we immediately put money into developing the integration of the “Pin It” feature directly onto every page of our site,” says AVEYOU’s Esposito. “Now shoppers can easily pin any product they love to one of their Pinterest categorized boards.”

10. Avoid a ‘Promotion-Only’ Look and Feel.

As with many social networks, Pinterest users disdain commercial sites that pop up simply to bombard visitors with purely self-promotional images. The trick is to identify your target audience, identify the noncommercial boards on Pinterest that are attracting them in droves and then weave some of the creative—and nonpromotional elements—of those boards into the boards you create for your company.

“When you first join, you will want to pin everything under the sun that promotes your brand,” says Beauty Stop Online’s Marie. “You will want to avoid this high level of self-promotion. Similar to most social-network platforms, it’s all about giving and receiving. Post others’ images and watch the reciprocity flow.’s Sabel agrees, “Slowly build a base by sharing engaging material. Don’t compromise your integrity as a user by flooding your profile with uninteresting or clearly commercial content. Also be sure to ‘follow back’ and ‘Like’ the users that show interest in your content. This helps establish a mutual connection, eventually leading to a strong client base. Writing witty or thoughtful captions has also shown to be a great way of portraying both products and general content.”

Adds AVEYOU’s Esposito: “Do a lot of research and understanding of Pinterest prior to launching. Prelaunch, we watched videos, took virtual online webinars and read case studies. Your brand is the heartbeat of your company and what you are trying to relay to your audience and customer base. Throwing something out there meaninglessly will jeopardize the integrity of your image and will not result in much return.” n Editor’s note: Images from Pinterest are used for reporting and informational purposes only under the Fair Use Doctrine. No sponsorship or endorsement by, and no affiliation with, Pinterest, the individuals depicted in the images, and/or the persons who created the images is claimed or implied.

Joe Dysart is an Internet speaker and business consultant based in New York City.

[Image: Courtesy of AVEYOU]