AVEYOU.com Upgrades Its Ecommerce Solutions

AVEYOU.com of AVEYOU Beauty Boutique has launched a new search platform for its more than 15,000 AVEYOU.com beauty products.

The ecommerce site has partnered with enterprise-solutions company Thanx Media to implement the Endeca On-Demand Express Solution, which enhances online shopping experiences, allowing shoppers to easily find what they’re looking for. The solution hosts a search for merchandisers and offers an array of features for customers, such as relevant suggestions for cosmetic products and guided navigation.

The search platform is built to learn from customers and continually deliver spot-on product results; consequently, it’s also designed to improve sales for online retailers while improving ecommerce. Thanx Media provided AVEYOU.com with custom-integrated solutions to boost conversions, revenue and customer retention.

“Since we’ve gone live with the Endeca On-Demand Express solution, we’ve seen our onsite search vastly improved and have increased refinement options throughout the site,” said Brian J. Esposito, AVEYOU Beauty Boutique CEO. “Even in the short period of time that it’s been live, we’ve seen increased conversion rates and higher average-order values. We are already seeing a great response from body- and skincare shoppers and an increase in sales.”