Beauty Coast to Coast

Learn more about what trends and products are taking off in various regions of the United States. collection

Whether your customers are Southern belles or West Coast trendsetters, you’ve probably noticed certain products flying off the shelves that help maintain their favorite styles. Regional differences in climate can also play into purchasing habits—such as a penchant for super-hydrating skin care in the arid Southwest or frizz-fighting formulas in the humid Southeast. We quizzed hairstylists, educators, store owners, nail techs, salon and spa owners, makeup artists and manufacturers to get the scoop on the looks and products taking off from coast to coast that you should be aware of.


You know the saying—if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. That saying holds true for trends too. Often, it’s only a matter of time before what’s taking off in New York sizzles throughout the rest of the country. Here’s what our insiders say is hitting it big in the Big Apple.

Lisa Esposito, head beauty consultant and makeup artist of AVEYOU Beauty Boutique in Belmar, New Jersey, says: “We find that anti-frizz crèmes, oils, and smoothing shampoos and conditioners are much more popular on the East Coast due to the humidity, especially in summer months. Products with keywords such as ‘anti-frizz,’ ‘smoothing,’ ‘glossing,’ ‘shine,’ ‘humidity-blocking’ and ‘anti-humectant’ are best sellers in these areas. Products that seal in the cuticle are also important in humid climates, so serums are more popular in this area; most haircare lines have added serums to their lineups. Cold-weather climates weaken hair and make it prone to flyaways and static, which calls for leave-in conditioners and deep moisture masks.”

Jillian Jaques, private-label manager at Ricky’s in New York City, says: “The top three hair trends for 2012 are …
1. “Whimsical, romantic hairstyling. Here in New York, we’re seeing soft, pulled-back hair or side ponytails; messy, teased top buns; and unique braiding techniques—classic, fishbone, French and Grecian styles—being worked into the hair. In both our New York and Miami locations, we have seen a steady increase in the hair elastic business. We offer more than 20 different styles of elastics in a number of sizes and colors to cater to all hair types.
2. “Managing unmanageable hair. Have you heard the phrase ‘in a New York minute’? This saying is standard in New York, so customers are offered products that help them tame their tresses quickly and with ease. One category of merchandise that does amazingly well is our collection of oil-infused brushes and combs.
3. “Ready-to-wear hair adornments. Hair accessories are all the rage in New York. A stylish headband can revamp any look. Black wins the race as the most popular color choice, while seasonal patterns and prints add an updated look for the fashion-forward.

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