Beauty Coast to Coast, p.3 collection


Southern girls are known for their love of simplicity—after all, it’s too hot to be juggling a plethora of products when the thermostat could be hitting triple digits outside. However, they still maintain a focus on looking great, and these are the products that assist in that quest.

Nikki Dancy, nail tech and salon owner of Platinum Faces Cosmetics in Portsmouth, Virginia, says: “The hot nail trend right now is Shellac, [CND’s] hybrid nail color and gel. It’s great for natural nails, to add smudge-proof nail color that lasts up to 14 days. My clients are loving the bright shades as well as the more nude and muted tones.”

Linda Tical, celebrity lash stylist and owner of Goddess Lashes in Miami, says: “The women of Miami spend a lot of time poolside but still want to look put-together. Lash extensions are a great way to look made-up while still keeping a natural look—as long as they’re 100% waterproof, so that they can swim, shower and exercise worry free. In the winter months, sales of strip lashes increase because it isn’t as warm and people aren’t hitting the beach/pool as much, so they want lash upkeep to be more minimal than individual extensions. I see 2012 continuing to trend with products that make it easy to get ready and look put-together without being overdone. Look for products to enhance lashes and make getting ready on the go quick and easy!”

Lindsey Watts, cosmetology expert and teacher at Empire Beauty Schools in Nashville, Tennessee, says: “In the South, we’re seeing a lot of braids—waterfall, princess and French. Creativity is really key here. Also, I’ve seen a lot of extremes—either superlong ’dos with a lot of long layers and beachy waves; or very short, tight, cropped looks. Color is also a story of extremes—including contrasting colors, such as black with a blonde streak or a pop of color. Beach sprays or sea-salt sprays are the hot item, especially as we move into summer. They give hair a fantastic gritty texture that bulks up fine hair and gives thicker hair even more volume. And that’s the other trend of the moment: volume. We’re starting to see a lot of natural textures, especially among the African-American community. They’re moving away from relaxed hair and embracing natural texture with a lot of curls, big and voluminous styles, etc. Soft-wave products are emerging, as those with natural wave or curl are embracing it while those without them are looking to create a new texture. Bangs are also beyond big right now—think Zooey Deschanel. Heavy and blunt is the trend, and I’m starting to see it more and more!”

[Image: Miami; collection]