Beauty Tools Now Measure Skin Hydration

Beauty aficionados are well aware of the impact that their water intake has on their skin. They’ve been told numerous times that if they don’t take in in their eight glasses of water a day, their skin will reap the consequences--immediately and over the long haul. As a result, experts have offered up continuous tips and tricks that help keep both the body and skin hydrated for health and beauty. From cucumber recipes for skin and food, to seasonal DIY fruit masks, and face mists that can be applied throughout the day, skin hydration is available to all. But today’s trends are taking skin hydration maintenance to the next level. Enter: moisture meters.

You may be familiar with hydration test strips that allow you to determine your body’s hydration level. A test kit generally includes a card displaying a range of colors and a test strip. You dip the test strip in your urine and compare the color on the stick to the card to determine your level of hydration. Moisture meters give you a hydration reading for the skin without complication. The user simply puts the little meter up to her skin and it displays a reading. Dehydrated skin will give a reading under 40, and hydrated skin will give a reading between 40 and 70. That's it.

Sephora customers can use its moisture meter in-store. The meter gives the customer a hydration reading and the store associate helps her determine the skin cream she ought to purchase for her skin based on her hydration level. The reading will also indicate different levels of hydration, depending on whether she’s testing her face, hands or other areas. Kiehl’s calls its moisture meter the Dehydration Analyzer Tool, which is also used as part of a complimentary service to its customers.

H2O+ Beauty is currently giving away its MiLi Moisture Meter with the purchase of its Oasis Hydrating Treatment or Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream, both of which are formulated to add moisture to the skin. The brand instructs its customers to test their skin using the meter, apply its treatment or cream to skin, and then test skin throughout the day to see that its products are keeping the skin hydrated for up to 24 hours.

As customers become increasingly accustomed to this new health and beauty convenience tool, you can expect to see a lot more at-home versions appear in the marketplace.

[image courtesy of H2O+ Beauty]