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Retailers Have the Ball

In recent years, retailers have been confronted by behemoth impacts on the marketplace, namely the global economy and the steep rise of the Technology Age. Both have drastically shifted the customer-retailer relationship as consumers have subsequently led by virtue of their lower budgets and quick grasp of technological advantages, leaving retailers to follow them for the sake of their profits and edge over their competition.

Now, experts say the tides are changing, giving retailers the upper hand in the marketplace. Nonetheless, retailers may still wonder what lies ahead.

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With its user-friendly, unique website features and annual revenue of $40 million, demands attention in the beauty-retailing arena. For more than a decade, the company has enjoyed consistent growth and innovation, continually stepping up its game to meet the needs of the increasingly sophisticated online consumer.

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Affinage Control Freak Moulding Crème

Affinage adds to its Indigo line with Control Freak Moulding Crème, a strong molding product that helps create directional, antidirectional, jagged, separated and pieced-out hairstyles.

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Shea Terra Organics Cleansing Bars

Shea Terra Organics presents its line of Cleansing Bars to purify, moisturize and regenerate skin cells, including the Argan & Ghassool Shampoo + Spa Body Bar (shown), the Baobab Lemongrass Regenerating + Refreshing Bath Bar, the Rose Hips & Pink Clay Facial Cleansing Bar, the Cape Chamomile Calming Bath Bar and Authentic African Black Soap.

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