Cailyn Cosmetics Gelux

This waterproof eyebrow gel is created with a unique 3D Smart Film Former, an advanced technology that stabilizes pigment powders and allows color to stay put longer without losing its vibrancy. The balm won’t smudge or need retouching from day to night. It's designed not to even fade in humid weather or when applied prior to swimming, exercising or sweating. It tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. Available in colors from light birch and hazelnut to dark ebony and espresso, the gel application is designed to help users discover their best eyebrow shape without sacrificing their natural appearance. Using the pointy tip of the built-in brush, users can shape and define the brows as desired. Call 855.688.2538 (USA), 562.356.9028 (OUTSIDE USA) or visit