California Legislation Allows Barbers, Beauticians to Serve Alcohol

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed Bill AB 1322, which allows beauticians and barbers to serve alcoholic beverages in their shops without a license. The bill, which was sponsored by California assembly members Tom Daly and Scot Wilk, was originally introduced in February 2015 and was signed into law Sept. 28, 2016.

The bill defines the following parameters:
- there must be no extra charge or fee for the beer or wine
- the establishment’s license must be in good standing
- no more than 12 oz. of beer or 6 oz. of wine may be offered to a client
- the alcoholic beverage may only be served during business hours and no later than 10 p.m.
- the bill does not inhibit cities, or cities and counties, from placing restrictions or limitations on the consumption of alcohol within their jurisdiction

Both activists and beauty professionals have reportedly raised some concerns about the bill due to the lack of regulation accompanying it.

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