Save Energy, Save Money

10 energy- saving tips to increase your bottom line.

Beauty store and salon owners are always on the lookout for ways to lower their overhead. The problem is, how do you reduce expenses without losing revenue? For example, cutting back on your marketing budget could hurt sales. However, one surefire way to painlessly reduce expenses is by cut- ting your energy bills. It’s a complete win. There is no downside, and the money you save goes directly to the bottom line.

Q&A with Letty Calvo

Vera Mona’s owner and CEO shares how she grew her business from a garage-based startup to an Instagram sensation.

It’s the kind of fairytale that can only occur in the digital age: Girl makes new product. Girl posts on Instagram. Product goes viral—and a booming business is born!

Reverse the Signs of Aging

Learn the science behind top antiaging ingredients to recommend the best solutions for your customers.

If you sell beauty products in your boutique or spa, it’s probably safe to assume that you discuss antiaging products with your customers on a regular basis. But have you ever stopped to really think about what antiaging is—and what antiaging products you should be recommending to your clients? Here we delve deeper to examine the antiaging skin category, which is expected to continue to drive beauty sales.

Relationships That Boost Business

Follow these 5 top practices when partnering with manufacturers reps to set your store up for success.

Your relationships with manufacturers reps are some of the most significant partnerships you will forge in the beauty industry. Manufacturers reps help their clients (manufacturers) get retail placement in your store. But for you, the retailer, reps can aid in securing a competitive edge in the marketplace by tipping you off about brands that haven’t yet hit the market, getting you better deals on offerings and, ultimately, helping you position your store for success.

Secrets of Korean Skin Care

Exotic, unusual and effective—13 traditional Korean-beauty skincare ingredients to know, plus products to consider for your store.

Stocking your shelves with the top skincare superstars brought to you by the Seoul sisters of the Far East can mean big revenue for your business. The global obsession and overwhelming success of Korean beauty (or K-beauty) is due in part to the pervasive beauty movement’s resolute “skin care before makeup” methodology.

Dare to be Different

Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay
A brand that’s as outspoken and bold as its colors, Urban Decay has been shaking up the industry for two decades.

Consumers in today’s color cosmetic-obsessed market have access to an endless array of lipsticks and eyeshadows that come in every color known to man. But such was not the case for beauty junkies of the 1990s, a time when store shelves were primarily stocked with a sea of pink, red and beige hues—that is, until the brand Urban Decay came along.