Looking Forward to 2015

Looking Forward to 2015
Find out about what lies ahead for beauty retailers in 2015.

"Recent economic data have been encouraging," says Sophia Koropeckyj, managing director of industry economics at Moody's Analytics (, a research firm based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. "Stronger job growth, record low debt service burdens, record high stock values and rebounding house prices are supporting consumer spending." While such factors would normally be expected to provide a healthy talk wind to the economy, a number of issues will continue to put a drag on progress.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs
The Professional Beauty Association's Myra Y. Irizarry Reddy discusses the top political issues facing the industry today. And the PBA's Bridget Sharpe talls about The PBA State Captain Program.

Myra Y. Irizarry Reddy, director of government affairs & industry relations for the Professional Beauty Association, is the best kind of beauty industry advocate: one who is passionate about not only the industry, but also about the complex inner workings of politics. With a master's degree in political science plus stints as a lobbyist and a staff member for the U.S. Senate and House, the Texas State Legislature and the California State Assembly, she is undoubtedly well-equipped for her current role.

Best Sellers 2014 (Print Version)

Check out some of the best-selling products of 2014!

The best sellers of the year are in! See the list of more than 220 beauty brands' top-selling products of 2014 in Beauty Store Business' December digital edition.

Preview the 2014 PBA Executive Summit

The new event is designed as the special place for professional beauty industry leaders to network and learn.

"Today's leaders built their current industry relationships at high-level networking events held more than 10 years ago," points out Steve Sleeper, the executive director of the Professional Beauty Association; 800.468.2274; 480.281.0424). Those events—such as DIALOG from the no-longer-around American Beauty Association for salon suppliers and the Young Executive Council from the no-longer-around Beauty & Barber Supply Institute - were held specifically to bring salon/beauty industry executives together to network and learn.

Skincare Spotlight: A Review of Retinoids

Ada S. Polla
Here are some definitions, how retinoids affect the skin and tips to share from Dr. Luigi L. Polla.

It is a generally accepted fact that retinoids/vitamin A derivatives are a (if not “the) gold standard ingredient in skin care in terms of antiaging. It is also a generally accepted truth that using retinoids can be irritating to the skin. In this column, we will review a few definitions, look at how retinoids affect the skin and speak with Dr. Luigi L. Polla, Switzerland’s premier dermatologist, about tips to share with your guests and consumers to help them optimally incorporate retinoid-based products in their skincare routines.

Considering 401(k) Plans

Considering 401(k) Plans
Here are seven things you need to know about adding this benefit.

Many beauty store owners believe that the terms "small business" and "401(k) plan" do not belong in the same sentence. The truth is that a 401(k) plan can be a great benefit for a business of any size. In fact, you probably aren't aware that a plan can be established even for a business with only one employee. And a good 401(k) plan can give you a leap up in recruiting and retaining employees versus beauty store competitors and other small businesses with no savings plan. So if you've avoided offering this type of saving plan in the past, now would be a good time to reconsider.