Web Recruiting Basics

Optimize online recruiting to find great prospects.

With technology's relentless evolution, beauty stores have a fresh crop of digital tools they can use to pinpoint hot recruiting prospects in cyberspace and grab the creme de la creme before they get away. The new tools come at an opportune time, given that the economy is heating up and skilled workers are harder to come by. Indeed, according to the Jobvite 2015 Job Seeker Nation Study, only 35% of job seekers think it was tougher to find a job in 2014 than the prior year. The rest believe it's about the same or easier.

Industry M&A Activity Heats Up

Big corporations have been buying smaller, successful companies as a way to fuel their own growth.

If you are paying any attention to our industry, you cannot help but have noticed that the M&A scene has heated up. The year 2013 was certainly not stellar in terms of corporate marriages (or divorces). The years 2014 and 2015 to date have been much more interesting. There are numerous factors that explain this new appetite for deals—yet from my vantage point one stands out: It is all about the niche brands right now. Be it the democratic nature of social media, the decline of department-store power or a shift in consumer mood, it is cool to be indie, to be niche, to be small.

Savvy Email Marketing

Think you know all about email marketing? Here are a number of top tips on boosting your sales by building your brand.

With all the ballyhoo lately about the sales power of social media, it might be tempting to view email marketing as old technology that should be put on the back burner and forgotten. But that would be a mistake. Designed corruptly, an email campaign is a terrific sales booster that can magnify the effects of social media.

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Beauty by Association

Beauty by Association
Steve Sleeper, executive director of the Professional Beauty Association, discusses the organization’s many efforts to make the beauty industry a better place for its diverse group of professionals.

From public policy to charitable outreach, continuing education to trade shows, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based Professional Beauty Association acts as a unified voice for the professional-beauty industry. And executive director Steve Sleeper is in charge of facilitating the many facets of this major influencer--an organization he likens to a “small government” with its sights set on issues big and small that impact the industry.

Manage All Your Social Media With a Single Tool

Manage All Your Social Media With a Single Tool
There are dozens of services that help you manage your social media effectively. Here are a handful of top sites.

Beauty stores looking for a single tool to manage their social media presence across all networks can take heart: Dozens of all-in-one solutions are available that will make the most of your presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. "We use a service called Shoutlet, which is a similar paid platform like Hootsuite, but a little more robust and full featured," says Rudy Falco, COO of AVEYOU Beauty Boutique. "These tools are useful, mainly because they save time.