American International Industries Acquires Hollywood Fashion Secrets Brand

American International Industries announced Aug. 27 the acquisition of the Hollywood Fashion Secrets brand. Terms and details of the deal by the privately held, multiple-brands pro- and mass-beauty supplier weren't provided.

Chip Cards: What You Need to Know

Do you have old credit card terminals? Watch out! You could be subject to credit card fraud.

Brick-and-mortar beauty stores will be on the hook for credit card fraud if they don’t migrate to new chip card terminals by Oct. 1, according to the major credit card companies. Essentially, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and the like have had it with old technology magnetic stripe cards, which are easy plunder for fraudsters. They’ve decided to shift the liability for fraud to beauty stores and other businesses that insist on clinging to mag-stripe technology and don’t bring in new chip card terminals as of Oct. 1.

Features: How to Negotiate a Better Lease

Ready to sign a new lease? Smart strategies can protect your bottom line.

It's time for your lease renewal. Are you ready to negotiate? If you're like many retailers, your answer is "No." But a lack of preparation can be costly. Rent is typically a retailer's second-largest operating expense after labor. And the common industry practice of adjusting staff levels to reflect a changing business environment simply won't work with lease payments. You're pretty much stuck with them once you've signed on the bottom line. It's more important than ever to negotiate a better deal in today's real estate environment, characterized by its rising prices.

Features: Windows 10 - Microsoft's Mea Culpa

The new release of Windows is meant to win back the mouse-and-keyboard crowd.

Beauty store owners who reacted to Windows 8 with howls of incredulity can take heart: Microsoft is bending over backwards with its next Windows release to win back the mouse-and-keyboard crowd.

Yes, it's true. With Windows 10 - there will be no Windows 9 - due for release in summer 2015, Microsoft will once again make it simple to navigate the operating system with a keyboard and mouse. Moreover, the Redmond, Washington goliath will be bringing back other features - such as the Start Menu - that make Windows such a hit in previous incarnations.

New App Connects Users With Certified Skincare Coach

Skin Authority and the My Skin Authority App are game-changers in how people shop for & experience beauty, as well as how retailers sell skin care. My Skin Authority is marketed as the first free, interactive mobile app that connects people with a certified skincare coach to give them personalized recommendations and guidance at the point of sale, at home or while on the go.

Features: What's Your Store-y?

Everything has a backstory. What will your store's be?

Think about some of the most interesting companies in the world and their unique stories. Imagine what Ford Motor Co. would be without tales of Henry Ford and his assembly line. Or how Coca-Cola started out as a cure-all tonic. Think, too, about the gregarious personalities of Steve Jobs and Apple, or the intellectual intensity of Bill Gates and Microsoft. These companies and their founders have been built on stories - some true, some embellished - and perhaps a few that are somewhat contrived. In any case, these stories are widely known by employees and customers alike.