Shoppers Want to Chat With Brands on Mobile Devices

A recent study of more than 2,100 U.S. residents found that 62% of them expect live chat to be available on mobile devices, and 82% would use it. The survey, which was commissioned by Moxie Software, also identified the rising trend of live online chat for sales and support assistance and found that 75% of survey respondents would prefer to use live online chat versus calling to speak with an agent.

Scent-Sational Sherri!

Sherri Sebastian, owner of fragrance brand Sebastian Signs, discusses the growing indie perfume movement - and how retailers can tap into the trend.

Sporting a diverse background - forays in chemistry, food and winemaking - Sherri Sebastian always knew she'd find herself steeped in the science of fragrance. She began as a professional perfumer in New York, developing scents for major brands, including Coty and Estée Lauder, but Sebastian eventually recognized the need for fragrances designed to satisfy the growing legions of customers who seek artisan and eco-friendly solutions.

Communities, Businesses Prepare for Small Business Saturday

More than 2,000 communities are committing to rally their neighborhoods to celebrate Small Business Saturday this holiday season.

Retailers Prepare for Surge in Online Shopping

Retailers are assertively preparing their shipping operations to avoid delivery and service issues this year, according to’s eHoliday survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, which found that nearly 80% of retailers surveyed will set their standard shipping deadlines for guaranteed Christmas delivery to expire at least one week before the big day, compared to just over 73% who said so last holiday season. Additionally, roughly 21% will set those deadlines to expire Dec.

Get the Look: The Retro Cat Eye

The cat-eye look is iconic: Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn all rocked it.

Step 1: Use professional makeup brushes, such as the Beauty Strokes Brow Brush, to groom the brows and apply brow powder.

Step 2: Try the Ardell Professional's Brow Perfection Stencils for a flawless look every time.

Step 3: Draw a thin line of eyeliner - we like Styli-Style's Stylus Liquid Eyeliner Pen - on the top eyelid. Let it dry. Then repeat the process, starting from the middle of the eyelid and draw another thin line above the existing line, ending with an uptick at the outer corner of the eye.

Marketing to Multiethnic Consumers Intensifies

Thirty percent, or 9 million, of 2010 U.S. census takers indicated mixed-raced heritage—up from 6.8 million in 2000; and more specifically, 16% indicated Hispanic and 13% indicated Black. Subsequently, the multicultural beauty products market continues to outpace the growth of the overall market for cosmetics and toiletries, posting a 3.7% increase in 2014, within an estimated $400 billion global beauty industry.