BSB’s Top 10 Articles of 2013

BSB’s Top 10 Articles of 2013

The business of beauty was in full swing in 2013 as new beauty products, services and businesses emerged, while changes to longtime beauty businesses persisted in the forms of acquisitions, executive moves and expansions.

While we await all that’s in store for beauty in 2014, why not review the headlines that caught our attention in 2013? Here’s Beauty Store Business’ Top 10 articles of 2013.

10.) PBA: ISSE Midwest "Postponed Indefinitely Starting With The 2013 Event"

New State Bills Could Affect the Pro-Beauty Industry

2013 Legislative State Bills Affect the Beauty Industry

The Professional Beauty Association's Government Affairs team has identified the latest in state legislation affecting the professional-beauty industry nationwide. From rules and regulations for natural-haircare schools to expedited application processing for individuals whose spouses are on active duty in the armed forces, 14 state bills could affect pro beauty—some for the worse, some for the better—in 2013 so far.

Here are five being tracked by the PBA:

National Retail Federation Forecasts 3.4% Increase in Retail Sales for 2013

National Retail Federation Forecasts 3.4% Increase in Retail Sales for 2013

General retail-industry sales will increase 3.4%, according to the National Retail Federation’s recently released 2013 economic forecast. The projection follows the recent 3% growth seen in holiday sales, as well as the NRF’s preliminary projection of 4.2% growth seen in 2012.

Online sales are expected to grow between 9% and 12%—possibly just above the 11.1% growth seen in online sales this past November and December—according to Shop.org, NRF’s digital division.