Andis Co.

Andis American Legacy Collection: Round 2

An experiment in marketing leads to advanced hair-tool education and a newfound interest in clippers and trimmers.

In early 2014, Andis introduced the American Legacy Collection—an experimental marketing campaign utilizing several of its own employees as makeover models in an attempt to illustrate the variety of styles that can be achieved with Andis clippers and trimmers. Beauty Store Business documented the campaign (April, BSB, page 62) with the help of Andis vice president of marketing Karen Formico, enabling us to provide you with a sneak peek of the campaign and interviews with the employees involved.

Andis Introduces New Educators

Andis Co. has added three new hair professionals to its education team: Sean Casey, Renee Chamberlain and Dave Diggs.

“Adding these talented and respected educators will help Andis enhance our all-star team of educators and meet the increasing demand for clipper education in the beauty industry. Each brings his or her own unique flair and skill sets to deliver the very best content for hair professionals,” said Aileen Nunez, Andis international manager of education and style.

Andis Co. Debuts New Booth at ISSE-Long Beach

Long Beach International Salon and Spa Expo attendees were the first to see Andis Co.’s brand-new booth at the major cash-and-carry show in California Jan. 26-28. Custom-designed by 3D Exhibits, it gave attendees a more integrated and enhanced Andis experience.

“In the design process we took into consideration the hairstylists’ preference to try our products before making a purchase and also our desire to meet the demand for clipper education,” says Karen Formico, vice president of marketing for Andis.