Andis Introduces New Educators

Andis Introduces New Educators

Andis Co. has added three new hair professionals to its education team: Sean Casey, Renee Chamberlain and Dave Diggs.

“Adding these talented and respected educators will help Andis enhance our all-star team of educators and meet the increasing demand for clipper education in the beauty industry. Each brings his or her own unique flair and skill sets to deliver the very best content for hair professionals,” said Aileen Nunez, Andis international manager of education and style.

Clipp-Aid Crystals for Sharpening Hair Clippers/Trimmers

Clip-Aid Crystals for Sharpening Clippers/Trimmers

Clipp-Aid allows barbers, hairstylists and pet groomers to sharpen metal hair clipper and trimmer blades like new in seconds. The user simply turns on the clipper/trimmer tool, places the cutting portion of the blade into the crystals and moves the blade through the crystals—leaving the blade sharpened within seconds and sharp for weeks. Visit