Bodyography Professional Cosmetics

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Liquid Bronzers

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Liquid Bronzers

These reformulated liquid bronzers contain vitamins and antioxidants as well as a formula that provides easier blending. Mineral Body Gloss includes no parabens, improved coverage and staying power, extra hydration, a more golden undertone for more skin tones, a tropical lime coconut scent and updated packaging. Natural Finish Face Bronzer contains jojoba, aloe, avocado and green tea extracts. Call 800.783.9969 or visit

All Lacquered Up

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Nail Lacquers

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics presents its Nail Lacquers in 12 introductory colors. The line is three-free and features Rio, a violet glitter; Acapulco, a blue glitter; Ibiza, a silver glitter; Morocco, a rich magenta; Prague, a deep mauve; Monte Carlo, a bright pink; Milan, a vibrant red; Nice, a pastel purple; Cape Town, an iridescent ivory; Brisbane, a bright fuchsia; Santiago, a soft, shimmery pink; and Berlin, a shiny mulberry.