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Hey, Did the Red Sox Win the World Series Because of ... Andis?

Hey, Did The Red Sox Win the World Series Because of ... Andis?

Baseball is a game of many superstitions, and this secret can now be told: Andis had a hand—err, clipper and trimmer—in helping the Boston Red Sox win the 2013 World Series. Remember that “Fear the Beard” fever?

Well, Andis gifted the major league baseball team with SlimLine2 trimmers to keep their winning beards groomed.

And baseball/celebrity barber Monster 99, aka Angel Lucas, had his cordless Andis clipper on hand as he tended to Bosox pitcher Clay Buchholz’s beard.

Clipp-Aid Crystals for Sharpening Hair Clippers/Trimmers

Clip-Aid Crystals for Sharpening Clippers/Trimmers

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