A Natural Fit

OKAY Pure Naturals boasts an ever-growing operation—thanks to consumers’ increasing interest in natural beauty products and one family’s fastidious, hands-on approach.

Ali Mithavayani, founder and CEO of Miami-based Xtreme Beauty International, the maker of OKAY Pure Naturals, has been an entrepreneur for decades. He forged his start by locally distributing products as a teenager, working as a beauty salesperson from age 13 until he moved stateside to seek an education after graduating high school.

Lara C. Kay’s Beauty Empire is on the Rise

Lara C. Kay
A Q&A with Studio Kay owner and LCK Haircare founder Lara C. Kay.

With over 300K Instagram followers, Lara C. Kay can be found gracing the internet’s most popular social media platforms showcasing her talents in makeup and hair. Her recognized brand circles around her salon, haircare line and collaborations in the beauty industry. She owns Studio Kay, a successful salon in Glendale, California, that draws much attention through its impressive online presence with 100k Instagram followers who can’t get enough of Studio Kay “beauty inspo.” In addition to feeding “the gram” and running her trendy salon, Kay founded LCK Haircare in 2014. Saying that Lara C.

Broo Craft Beer Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Set

Just as refreshing as a cold brewsky, the 100-percent natural, unisex scents in the Broo Craft Beer Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Set make it a great gift for the beer lovers on your customers' holiday shopping lists. The craft beer-inspired set contains the color-safe, volumizing Thickening Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner made from all-malt, freshly hopped craft beer that's chockfull of vitamin B, proteins and minerals for shinier locks.

SRP: $15

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Natural Selection

12 problem-solving haircare ingredients. Beauty store and salon owners, take note.

While common sense may suggest that there’s no such thing as having too many choices, human nature dictates the opposite. Take the famous jam study, wherein sociologists set up two displays at a gourmet store. The first contained six preserve options, the other boasted an array of 24. All customers were offered a dollar-off coupon if they bought a jar. In the end, 30 percent of shoppers exposed to the smaller selection took home jelly, while only three percent of the latter group made a purchase.

Riot of Color

After finding success with the Butterfly Loft Salon and Butterfly Circus, David and Alexis Thurston started a new business venture. Take a look at Pulp Riot.

Having grown up in what he calls the “left-brain world” and earning a B.A. in economics from UCLA, serial entrepreneur and Butterfly Loft Salon co-owner, David Thurston, says his career today is a huge departure from where he started. While he once believed he’d spend his entire life practicing law or accounting, Thurston says, “I didn’t realize that there was a world out there where you could actually make a good living not doing those things.”

Wahl Professional Beret

Wahl's Beret trimmer, the latest offering from Wahl Professional, was unveiled at Premiere Orlando earlier this month. To make styling convenient for barbers and stylists, the trimmer can be used with the cord or cordless (with a two-hour run time). Lightweight and designed with ergonomics in mind, the Beret includes an automatic charging stand to recharge its lithium-ion battery, a recharging transformer, four trimming guides, oil, a cleaning brush, a styling comb and more. Its rich copper color and sleek design make it eye-catching.