men's products

Ultra Mustache Scissors and Comb Set

Customers can use the set to trim mustaches, beards, eyebrow hair, and nose and ear hair. The high-quality Italian scissors feature extra-sharp blades, precision tips and a smooth action to ensure a clean, even cut. The comb is made in France, and features closely-spaced teeth with rounded tips to smooth and define hair without snagging or scratching skin. Call 800.328.3006 or visit

êShave 5 Blades Luxury Razor

This combines Gillette Fusion technology and êShave's craftsmanship. Handmade in New York City, each razor features an ergonomic and modern design. Available in seven colors, the handle is made of hand-turned Lucite, and the ring on the handle is made of hand-casted, nickel-plated metal for extreme durability and aesthetic appeal. Call 800.947.4283 or visit

Seki Edge Moustache Scissors

The twice-tempered, stainless-steel scissors are designed to shape and trim moustache and beard hair. Sharp, serrated cutting edges catch and hold hair while cutting, enabling even coarse facial hair trimming ease. Convenient for travel, it features a comfortable finger rest and holes for ease and accuracy. Slender blades and pointed tips aid in precision. Call 888.965.2824 or visit