Features: Windows 10 - Microsoft's Mea Culpa

The new release of Windows is meant to win back the mouse-and-keyboard crowd.

Beauty store owners who reacted to Windows 8 with howls of incredulity can take heart: Microsoft is bending over backwards with its next Windows release to win back the mouse-and-keyboard crowd.

Yes, it's true. With Windows 10 - there will be no Windows 9 - due for release in summer 2015, Microsoft will once again make it simple to navigate the operating system with a keyboard and mouse. Moreover, the Redmond, Washington goliath will be bringing back other features - such as the Start Menu - that make Windows such a hit in previous incarnations.

Features: What's Your Store-y?

Everything has a backstory. What will your store's be?

Think about some of the most interesting companies in the world and their unique stories. Imagine what Ford Motor Co. would be without tales of Henry Ford and his assembly line. Or how Coca-Cola started out as a cure-all tonic. Think, too, about the gregarious personalities of Steve Jobs and Apple, or the intellectual intensity of Bill Gates and Microsoft. These companies and their founders have been built on stories - some true, some embellished - and perhaps a few that are somewhat contrived. In any case, these stories are widely known by employees and customers alike.

Online Ads Boost Offline Sales

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You may have relegated online-advertising impact solely to online-sales results; however, a recent study via a collaboration between digital-marketing intelligence provider comScore and dunnhumbyUSA, a provider of brand-value services, suggest you reconsider. The study, AdEffx Offline Sales Lift, indicates that it pays to advertise online for offline-sales impact.