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WSL/Strategic Retail: The Importance of How Hispanic Women Shop Vision

Hispanic women appear to be among the most passionate and proactive shopper segment across all retail channels, according to WSL/Strategic Retail, which studies shopper behavior and retail trends.

The finding was revealed as part of the firm’s “How America Shops MegaTrends" report, "Moving On 2012,” which notes that Hispanic women are more actively using mobile devices, coupons, online searches, dollar stores and deep-discount retailers to save money, as compared to other female demographics.

Consumers Consider Store of the Future Creepy, Cool

Shoppers think it is cool to get digital help finding relevant products and information—and navigating the store. But they are creeped out by digital capabilities that identify, track and use location and demographics, such as targeted advertisements, for consumers based on facial recognition, according to the new study, “Creepy or Cool,” from RichRelevance, which provides omnichannel personalization to businesses.