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BlueCo Brands Acquires Vienna Beauty Products

BlueCo Brands' Lucky Tiger collection

BlueCo Brands (formerly King Research), owner of iconic brands, such as Barbicide, Ship Shape and Lucky Tiger, has acquired Vienna Beauty Products, including their industry leading Aloe Vera and Triple Lanolin based foot scrubs and lotions.

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serums

Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serums

This award-winning Asian skincare collection of bespoke beauty serums allows users to create the perfect serum for their skin, combining up to three different serums. Nine serums are featured in the collection and use the brand's alginate (seaweed) encapsulation process, which keeps their active ingredients protected inside capsules. The serums are Replenish Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Renew Coenzyme Q10 Serum, Regulate Vitamin C Serum, Repair Pycnogenol Serum, Regenerate Vitamin A Serum, Revitalise Placenta Serum, Relieve Licorice Serum, Reinforce Ceramide Serum and Reborn Collagen Serum.

Primal Pit Paste

Primal Pit Paste Jar--Lavendar

This natural deodorant is totally free of harmful aluminum and parabens. It contains organic coconut oil; organic, raw grade A shea butter; non-aluminum baking soda; and organic arrowroot powder. It's available in 2-ounce jars, as well as a stick, in four fragrances: lavender, thyme & lemongrass, orange creamsicle (for kids) and unscented. The brand also offers a natural lip balm, body powder and body whip (lotion). Visit

Joey New York Acquires JOEY NEW YORK Skin Care, Beauty

Joey New York

Joey New York has acquired the JOEY NEW YORK brand of skincare and beauty products through its acquisition of RAR Beauty.

"The Joey New York brand will now have expanded access to the capital needed to develop once again into a significant brand in the skincare, cosmetics and personal care industry; not only through organic growth but through strategic acquisitions of companies in which we can integrate into the Joey New York brand business model," said Richard Roer, president of Joey New York.

WATCH: Malibu C Wellness Beauty Collection

WATCH: Malibu C Wellness Beauty Collection

Watch as Malibu Wellness' founder and president, Tom Porter, educates professionals and consumers about the unique qualities of the brand.

Also see the May article entitled "Malibu Dreams" for BSB's in-depth interview with Porter about the brand.

Jatai Feather Nape & Body Razor

Feather Nape & Body Razor

This razor is similar to the Feather Artist Club Straight Razors due to its replaceable blade; however, it's much smaller, allowing the user to get into tighter places. It offers only one blade choice, and the blade has a guard on it. As the name indicates, it's often used for the nape area. However, it can be used for other areas as well. Call 888.965.2824 or visit See what Alejandro has to say about the Nape and Body Razor in the video below.