Teasing Tool

teeze w/ eez Teasing Tool

Featuring new packaging, this professional hair teasing tool is available in Electric Pink, Gun Metal Gray and Passion Purple. It teases hair and helps create up-dos. The back-combing tool features an ergonomically designed handle that decreases hand and wrist fatigue. One stroke is like multiple strokes due to the multiple antistatic stainless-steel pin design. A compact styler is also available, as well as a 24-pack display. Visit www.teezeweez.com.

Teeze w/eez Teasing Tool

teeze w/eez teasing tool

The teeze w/eez teasing tool is a device that features multiple antistatic stainless-steel pins that allows users to backcomb their hair 75% faster than with traditional teasing methods. The tool has an ergonomic handle for a natural, comfortable grip; and the pick end of the tool allows for
lifting and separating of the hair for easy styling.