Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

Smooth Lip Volumizer is a non-injectable, on-the-lip treatment that uses antiaging volumizing and conditioning technologies to provide noticeable results on lips. It combines an award-winning formula of Progeline Tri-Peptide, moisture-binding hyaluronic acid and Silkflo lip conditioner alongside key antioxidants (vitamins A, C & E) and hydrating agents argan oil, pomegranate extract and shea butter. It works to deliver both instant and long-term volumizing and smoothing results.

Peter Lamas Lash Masque

This mascara darkens and separates lashes with non-irritating color derived from natural extracts. It prevents breakage and reduces lash fall-out. It's formulated without harsh chemicals that can dry out or damage lashes, and can be used in place of or under mascara to help boost lash length and volume. It contains spirulina, biotin, panthenol, natural proteins, vitamins E & A, and almond oils. Visit

glō minerals Cream Glaze Crayons

This crayon-inspired, chunky lip pencil provides a high gloss pop of color with a built-in sharpener that delivers precision and convenience in one. The pencils are enriched with antioxidant vitamins C and E, as well as conditioning mango oil and shea butter for nourishing protection. Electric, high shine color combines luxurious gloss, intense color saturation and impressive staying power. It includes a built-in cleaning stick to keep the sharpener and cap clean and free of any product buildup. It's available in six shades: bloom, dahlia, heirloom, jetset, mimosa and praline.

Ecco Bella

This natural beauty pioneer offer Skin Care With VitaminCells that is both antiaging and antiblemish. The skincare formula contains trillions of microspheres that deliver the world’s most powerful skin vitamins deep into the skin to protect and rejuvenate it from stress, sun and environmental aging. Its Herbal Body Lotions have replaced the common H2O ingredient with nourishing aloe vera. The exclusive water-free formula works to transform dry, irritated, flaky skin into silky suppleness for hours after other lotions have worn off.

Bodyography Sun Sculpt Bronzing and Highlighting Duo

This universal highlighter and contour product is designed to complement anyone’s complexion. The bronzer side applies matte and creates subtle definition, while the highlighter side uses a high pearl formula that gives the ultimate shimmer and sheen. The gold undertone flatters every skin tone and will never look ashy. Each side is used separately to create definition and highlight, or they can be swirled together for a golden goddess bronze look. The product is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free. Call 800.783.9969 or visit

Mehaz Depil-A-Tweez Slanted Tweezer

These tweezers offer the best features of a tweezer: stainless steel, tip alignment and smooth edges. In particular, they are handcrafted in Solingen, Germany, and made from 100% professional-grade stainless steel. They include a lifetime tip-to-grip guarantee to ensure alignment and finishing. Call 800.347.7456 or visit