Giovanni 2chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Repairing Shampoo

Giovanni 2chic repairing shampoo

Giovanni Cosmetic's Eco Chic Hair Care 2chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Repairing Shampoo repairs and rejuvenates the hair while hydrating and protecting locks from further damage. Meant to restore vibrancy, the rich formula of antioxidants and omega-3 compounds work together to improve hair health while also eliminating frizz.

Color safe and laureth sulfate free.

SRP: $8.99

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HotHeads Mini-G Dry Shampoo Brush

HotHeads’ Mini-G: The Dry Shampoo Brush was designed with the technique of back-brushing in mind. The brush helps create volume and focus while leaving hair fresh by helping to dislodge the oil-soaked powder from dry shampoo. The brush, of course, also smooths the surface of the hair, creating natural shine. The Mini-G makes use of tri-colored bristles, each offering a different benefit for use with dry shampoo.

Product Club Eco-Wraps

Eco-Wraps are made from a sustainable, renewable tapioca base that is non-toxic that allows for both the product and its' packaging to degrade in landfills. Loaded with non-slip properties Eco-Wraps are easy to work with. Upon contact with hair color, the strips turn see-through to easily monitor processing.

Includes 200 – 4” x 11” strips per package.

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FHI Stylus Blow Out Nano Ceramic

The FHI Stylus Blow Out Nano Ceramic

hair dryer combines the handle and nozzle in a distinctive shape designed to provide more control for fast drying and styling. The curl-defining diffuser uses interior vents to direct air around the hair for less frizz and increased curl integrity.



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