Pulleez Hair Accessory

The Pulleez sliding ponytail features a patented design that securely holds hair in place and is released by simply pressing on its toggle. Glamorizing the popular ponytail look by incorporating elegant charms, such as boots, fish and Buddhas, the brand’s products are available in crystal, metal and acrylic. Pulleez is gentle on the hair, which means no more worrying about wrapping or ripping hair—all that’s needed is a squeeze, and a flawless ponytail is seconds away. It also doubles as a bracelet when not in the hair.

Bodybuilding Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

The new Caviar Anti-Aging products from Alterna Haircare create volume and thickness for thin, dry hair. The Bodybuilding Volume Shampoo is a sulfate-free volumizing cleanser that builds thickness and volume while protecting hair color. The Bodybuilding Volume Conditioner adds weightless moisture and thickens the hair from root to tip. For more information, visit

Balayage Clips

Product Club's Balayage Clips come in a 15-pack with five of each color: red, silver and black. These new Balayage Clips can be used to secure the Balayage Film without weighing it down. For more information, visit