Style Pro 31 Smart Tray

This convenient, portable and lightweight foldout tray fits over most pedestal and traditional sinks to provide additional surface area and counter space (up to 288 square inches). The heat-resistant product expands usable space where beauty products can be safely used and placed; for instance, keeping hair appliance cords out of the sink. Items can also be carried around on the tray. When not in use, it is collapsible and can be placed in its drawstring bag. It is also dishwasher safe. Visit

teeze w/ eez Teasing Tool

Featuring new packaging, this professional hair teasing tool is available in Electric Pink, Gun Metal Gray and Passion Purple. It teases hair and helps create up-dos. The back-combing tool features an ergonomically designed handle that decreases hand and wrist fatigue. One stroke is like multiple strokes due to the multiple antistatic stainless-steel pin design. A compact styler is also available, as well as a 24-pack display. Visit

MITATE Carboxy Hair Care Shower Tab

Marketed as the first CO2/carbon dioxide tablet in the world, this product works to leave the hair thoroughly clean, revitalized, voluminous and shiny without disturbing the natural balance of the hair and skin. An essential property for life, the CO2 in the tablet neutralizes and breaks the bond of the dirt and grease lodged between scales of the hair and in skin pores without affecting professionally applied cosmetic hair treatments. The tab is placed in a specially designed showerhead for use. Visit

Agave Healing Oil Collection

The entire collection is formulated with Mexico's agave plant for its healing and hydrating properties on dry, damaged hair. The oil smooths and restores the hair. Its amino sugars lock moisture inside hair, also providing strength, resiliency and elasticity. The collection includes Oil Treatment, Revitalizing Shine Spray, Restorative Hydrating Mask, Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, Vapor Infusion, a 1.25-inch Vapor Iron and Agave Brushes. Visit

Theorie Saga II Classic Flat Iron

This hair appliance features 100% titanium floating plates with rounded edges to distribute heat optimally and avoid snags. Its meticulously crafted features also include a speedy heating mechanism; a streamlined, ergonomic grip; and an extended tex tile cord. Visit

Rootflage Touch-Up Haircolor Powder

This temporary, 30-second root touch-up mineral powder is just for blondes. It temporarily hides dark or gray root regrowth and doubles as a dry shampoo. It lasts until washed out, feels light and doesn't weigh the hair down. The travel-ready touch-up color is made with natural ingredients and offers 20 applications per bottle. The available colors are Light Blonde, Cool Blonde and Warm Blonde. Call 888.611.2269 or visit