RICH Argan Color Protect Collection

Offered in signature RICH golden packaging, this entire line is marketed as having been researched by the world’s finest chemists, and extensively tested over time by a uniquely international creative team of hairstylists on three continents. It is designed to ensure great results for a truly diverse range of hair textures and types, from silky fine, to medium or curly, to delicate and coarse.

Uberliss Straight Effect Smoothing System

This haircare system works to straighten and smooth frizzy and wavy hair without the use of formaldehyde. It features Fiber Expander, which prepares hair for restructuring the fibers and expanding the cuticles, and acts as a conditioner for the cortex; Fiber Restructure, which is a curl volume reducer that delivers a natural looking smooth effect, restructuring hair; Nutritive Mask, which repairs damaged areas, strengthening and increasing the elasticity of the hair fiber; as well as a sulfate-free hydrating shampoo, hydrating conditioner and RituOil.


This deep conditioning masque is infused with rose hip and evening primrose oil. It features Kakadu plum to smooth the surface of the hair, locking in moisture. Seaweed helps cleanse hair of its excess oil while hydrating it naturally. Positively charged vitamin micro-capsules explode on contact with the scalp to deliver vitamins C and E, aiding in both surface repair and moisture retention. This reparative treatment moisturizes frizzy and coarse colored hair.

CHI ARC Automatic Rotating Curler

This hairstyling product is newly revised and newly sized. It's available in two new sizes: a 1-¼ inch and ¾-inch ceramic barrel. The curler's spinning barrel twirls hair clockwise or counterclockwise with just the push of a button. It's made with a ceramic heater that reaches up to 410°F in 30 seconds. It's ceramic barrel ensures even heat distribution. It offers an LCD digital temperature display along with right and left twirl control buttons. There is a new “beep” feature that alerts the user as to when to release the curl.

Beautiful Fusion's Cake Batter, Gold Rush

These handmade natural hair products are ideal for damaged hair, dry hair and natural hairstyles. Cake Batter contains infused oils and an all-natural leave-in conditioner that helps provide instant and lasting moisture to hair. Its ingredients strengthen strands, which helps reduce shedding. Gold Rush uses herb-infused oils to help stimulate hair follicles and remove dandruff-causing pathogens. Its anti-inflammatory properties help keep the scalp healthy while stimulating hair follicle growth. It can be used both as a hot oil treatment and to seal and provide extra moisture to hair.