Zuca Stylist Case

With the Zuca Stylist Case, traveling with all your beauty products is easier than ever before. Featuring a stylish chevron print on the outside and cushioned dividers on the inside to keep organized, your customers can separate their brushes from their palettes and all their wet products in the various compartments—making it ideal for makeup artists and beauty junkies alike. The case even features a shiny faux-leather lining and has the logo printed on the top handle.

SRP: $35

For more information, visit zuca.com.

Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes

Germs linger on items that your customers come into contact with every day, from cell phones and TV remotes to keyboards, sunglasses and so much more. With Well-Kept's Singles Screen Cleansing Towelettes (15-count) pre-moistened wipes, your clients can prevent breakouts and germs from spreading by keeping their screens and lens clean. Available in several colors, some of proceeds of certain varieties even give back to organizations that help military families or ALS research. Shown in Montauk.

SRP: $6

Sigma Beauty SigMagic Brushampoo

The new SigMagic Brushampoo from Sigma Beauty will take your customers' makeup brush cleaning routine to new heights. Fortified with 100-percent natural virgin coconut and ethically sourced palm oil, this shampoo quickly lathers to eliminate build-up and oils on brushes as well as harmful bacteria. It will result in brushes that are clean, which will extend the life of your customers' favorite tools. Free of sulfates and parabens.

SRP: $15

For more information, visit sigmabeauty.com.

Crystal Hills Moon Goddess Body Serum

Crystal Moon Goddess Body Serum delivers a rich scented oil to hydrate and soften the skin. This lightweight body serum is made with a quartz crystal, organic white tea seed oil, meadowfoam oil, evening primrose extract, and coconut oil. Notes of jasmine, frankincense and neroli essential oils are blended to create a well-rounded holistic experience. These body serums incorporate the aroma of pure essential oils, healing attributes of herbs and the beneficial properties of the butters/oils/salts.

Comes in two sizes: 30 ml / 1 oz; 120 ml / 4 oz

Product Club EZ-Dispense Liter Holder

The EZ-Dispense Liter Holder keeps developers, shampoos, and conditioners ready for easy dispensing. It works to eliminates waste while saving money by dispensing every last drop of liquid. Each holder includes a unique non-drip cap and holds both liter bottles and soft packs. Multiple units hook together to keep your dispensary clean and organized.

For more information visit Product Club.

FHI Stylus Blow Out Nano Ceramic

The FHI Stylus Blow Out Nano Ceramic

hair dryer combines the handle and nozzle in a distinctive shape designed to provide more control for fast drying and styling. The curl-defining diffuser uses interior vents to direct air around the hair for less frizz and increased curl integrity.



For more information visit: FHI.