ROCKSTAR White Teeth Whitening Kit

One dollar of every sale of ROCKSTAR White Teeth Whitening Kit goes to Breast Cancer Research (www.circleofhopeinc.org). This brand's formulation is marketed as the highest-strength over-the-counter teeth-whitening solution. Its ingredients are all-natural, kosher and made in the USA. No animal products are used, and it is not tested on animals. Call 888.944.8313 or visit www.rockstarwhite.com.

iCape 2.0

This haircutting cape integrates a clear window to keep devices clean and dry while customers use them. It's latest design upgrades include a PrivacyPouch, a unique privacy panel behind the window that is sewn on three sides, forming a spacious pouch customers can also put devices in; a CordCover, which allows customers to pass their headphones cord through the protected CordCover and listen to anything while keeping their device safe and dry in the PrivacyPouch; and an extra-long cape so that customers do not have to pull up the lap material to see the device better.

Gabriel Cosmetics Clean Kids Naturally Collection

This all-natural line of children’s personal-care products includes shampoo, detangler, foaming liquid soap and bubble bath. It's free of gluten, coconut, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, fluoride/glycol, lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oils and artificial colors. All Clean Kids products are vegan and cruelty free. Call 800.497.6419 or visit www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com. 

Qosmedix Natural Bath Collection

This collection includes seven new cleansing and exfoliating accessories, each which can be used for resale or as a gift with purchase. The collection includes a Large Loofah Pad with Hand Strap (Part # 96563), a Dual Sided Gentle Exfoliating Bath Belt (Part # 96564), a Dual Sided Gentle Exfoliating Bath Mitt (Part # 96565), a Small Loofah Pad with Hand Strap, (Part # 96566), a Mesh Bath Belt (Part # 96567), a Mesh Bath Pouf with Long Handle (Part # 96568) and a Mesh Bath Pouf (Part # 96569).  Visit www.qosmedix.com

Kayline By Wahl Hideaway Cart

This unique cart has an integrated power strip that allows stylists to move their tools closer 
to the chair, reducing reach and cord mess. The cart provides ample storage for cords, as well as six outlets inside the unit. It has a single cord that plugs into the wall with all the tools and power being mobile and the cords being stored inside the hideaway when not in use. The whole unit can roll under most workstations when not in use. Call 800.821.3444 or visit www.kaylinebeauty.com.

Little Sparkles Jewelry

This family-owned and -operated sterling-silver jewelry brand is designed specifically for the beauty industry. It's marketed as the first jewelry company to exhibit at Cosmoprof North America 2015, where it was presented with a Trendsetter Award! The brand meets the demand for skin-friendly, trendy, fine, quality jewelry at beauty stores, spas and salons. Its offering provides beauty retailers with styling and impulse-purchase price points to display trays, catalogs and packaging for immediate sale.