Downton Abbey Fine Fragrance Collection

This collection of sensual and sophisticated perfumes is designed to embody the personality and style of the central female characters of the TV show "Downton Abbey," including Anna Bates, Lady Cora, Lady Mary, Daisy Mason, Lady Edith, Lady Rose and Countess Violet. The collection’s fragrances are crafted in the artisanal method used by master perfumers during the early 1900s, which is when the TV show takes place. The rich and varied scents of the fragrances have been crafted from pure perfume oils without alcohol, chemicals, additives, artificial colors, parabens or phthalates.

TOCCA Holiday Candela Collection

Best of Market Award winner for the Summer 2014 edition of NY NOW, TOCCA's Holiday Candela Collection offers classic holiday home fragrance scents that are individually housed in gold-embellished cartons. Each limited-edition scent is hand poured into custom designed scalloped glass. The collection's options are Marrakesh (Vanilla Tabak), Chamonix (Rosemary Pine) and Meribel (Vanilla Fig). Call 855.929.7122 or visit www.tocca.com.

Flip-It! Cap System

This product is designed to help users get the last drop out of the products they use. The system uses a food-grade, BPA-free cap and a series of different sized adapters to stabilize a wide variety of bottled products, including beauty and non-beauty bottles. With the cap on, the bottle sits upside down and uses gravity to draw its contents to a push/pull valve. As a result, users do not have to squeeze, shake or pound bottles to get to the very last drop. Visit www.flipitcap.com.

Qosmedix Folding Counter Mirrors

Qosmedix Folding Counter Mirrors

This brand has introduced two new sleek, black, folding counter mirrors to its collection. The Small Black Folding Mirror (Part #513553) is convenient for travel, while the Large Black Folding Mirror (Part #513552) is perfect for display on a retail counter or in a salon. Both folding mirrors easily stand upright when placed on a flat surface. The polyurethane frame with stitched edging gives the mirrors a luxurious effect. Visit www.qosmedix.com.


Keysocks are designed to offer style and comfort to women and girls desiring to wear flats or heels with pants. They are concealed socks that don't bunch up in shoes. The Regular and Wide Calf socks have a similar thickness to tights; the Wide Calf socks are suitable for 17-inch calves and wider. The Lite socks are similar to a dress sock. They are antimicrobial and cool feet 1 to 2 degrees in warmer weather. The sizing is one size fits most, from size 5 to size 10.5. Visit www.keysocks.com.

Fromm 1907 Vintage Barber Cape

This professional 45-inch by 60-inch cape is made with lightweight polyester and has a vintage tools print. Its water-resistant treatment keeps clients dry and protected; and an extra-long adjustable snap closure makes it suitable for a variety of sizes. The 1907 salon apparel signature includes authentic materials and a high level of craftsmanship for optimal protection and comfort. Visit www.frommbeauty.com.