This moisturizer works to provide a better than natural, streak-free tan instantly. It does not stain the skin, but is absorbed and blended to provide a tan that looks hydrated and natural. It's water-resistant, though washes off with soap and water, and comes in two shades: IMMUNITY (body bronzer) and IMMUNITY (deep body bronzer). It's applied like a body lotion, and after 10 minutes of application and drying time, it's absorbed into the skin, moisturizing from within and leaving the skin with a healthy, hydrated glow.

Control Corrective Skincare Systems

This line offers options for acne-prone teen skin. For a morning skincare routine: Medicated Pumice Wash works to deep clean and eliminate cell-clogging surface oils and other debris; Exfo Tonic works to further dissolve stubborn, hardened cellular debris; Aroma Matte Day Cream SPF 30 provides nongreasy moisture plus sun protection; Acne Spot Treatment dissolves blemishes on contact.

Ecco Bella

This natural beauty pioneer offer Skin Care With VitaminCells that is both antiaging and antiblemish. The skincare formula contains trillions of microspheres that deliver the world’s most powerful skin vitamins deep into the skin to protect and rejuvenate it from stress, sun and environmental aging. Its Herbal Body Lotions have replaced the common H2O ingredient with nourishing aloe vera. The exclusive water-free formula works to transform dry, irritated, flaky skin into silky suppleness for hours after other lotions have worn off.

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond + Fruit Seed Skincare Oils

This unique line of skincare oils combines the nutritive benefits of blueberry, raspberry and cherry seed oils with one of nature’s most popular skincare oils, sweet almond. Each of the collection's new oils provides distinctive, nutritive benefits, offering an efficient way to topically deliver both omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Renew & Recover is the Sweet Almond + Blueberry Seed Oil; the blueberry seed oil helps reduce flaking to maintain the skin’s smooth appearance.

Lindi Skin Ultra-Sensitive Skincare Collection

This unique skincare line is specifically formulated for ultra-sensitive conditions, such as dry and cracked skin, as well as for people undergoing cancer treatment and other uncomfortable skin conditions. It's designed to be a safe, gentle, clinically proven line of skin care for anyone with compromised skin. Featuring soothing, spa-like packaging, the line is produced in the USA under strict scrutiny and is endorsed by many in the medical community.