Nordic Beauty Skin Care

This collection features marine collagen peptide form Norway and 100% natural products with organic ingredients. It consists of Anti-Aging Cleansing Milk, Broad Spectrum SPF30 CC Cream, Collagen Peptide Serum and Youth Collagen Peptide Cream. The products are designed to increase hydration, fight the signs of aging and result in radiant skin. Nordic Beauty donates 10% of its annual net revenue to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Susan G. Komen organization. Visit

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

Marketed as the first 3-in-1 translucent skincare product to feature invisible sunscreen—SPF 30—this product serves as an antiaging treatment with priming benefits, a moisturizer and a sunscreen in just one step. Its non-comedogenic formula works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it operates as a skin blurring solution. It’s designed to leave skin soft, hydrated and free of visible imperfections—and enhance the skin’s ability to retain and attract moisture, and shield skin from environmental aggressors.

derma e Firming DMAE Moisturizer

In an independent, double-blind clinical test, the following results were found for this moisturizer: It demonstrated increased skin hydration (100%) and increased skin firmness (87%); and it was reported that skin felt more resilient (76%), looked more toned (76%) and looked more lifted (75%). Call or visit

Product Club Color Stain Remover

These extra-large pads gently and effectively remove haircolor stains from skin. The hypoallergenic formulation is gentle, paraben-free and contains soothing extracts of aloe, calendula and glycerin for skin conditioning. Each jar contains 100 pads. Call 800.308.3588 or visit

Chrislie Formulations Measurable Difference Lipo Lotion

This brand recently received its “Listed and Registered” status with the FDA. It is available in a 5-ounce tube with a vibrating massager head for greater product effectiveness. It is activated by a powerful blend of high-tech peptides, vitamins, green algae, botanicals, caffeine and other compounds that have been researched and tested in their effectiveness in stimulating collagen production, building skin density to reduce the length and depth of stretch marks, and reducing the local edema or puffiness that accompanies the dreaded “orange peel” texture of cellulite.

True Natural BB Cream

This lightweight, antiaging BB Cream (Medium Beige, pictured) works to leave skin smooth, flawless and super hydrated. Its benefits include antiaging, complexion correcting, firming, mattifying, antioxidant protection, banished imperfections and age spots, with extremely moisturizing results. It's 100% natural and vegan, and contains 20% certified-organic ingredients. In addition, this BB cream is free of alcohol and gluten, and is cruelty free. Visit