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Laid back and nature-loving, Western gals often have an outdoorsy lifestyle, leaving them oft-exposed to the elements. However, thanks to the influence of Hollywood, they also love to get glam and set trends—or at least follow the trends of their favorite celebs. Here’s what’s taking off in Tinseltown and beyond.

According to Esposito: “In the West, where it’s hot and dry, we tend to sell more hydrating and moisturizing products. Leave-in conditioners with UV protection are essential in these areas to protect the hair from damaging UV rays, and haircolor protectors are also very popular because of the bleaching effects of the sun. We also find that deep conditioners sell best in this area because of the climate’s drying effects.”

Kristina Saindon, CND education ambassador in Denver, says: “Polish colors that are flying off the shelves in this region are black and plum in winter, and bright pink in summer. Popular year-round are French pink classic shades.”

Lauren Naylor, owner of Focal Point Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona, says: “Products with argan oil, and other oil products are hot right now. The big style of the moment is boho braids—any braid that frames the face, whether in a messy updo or worn down.”

Jovan Townsend, celebrity editorial stylist at Taboo Hair Care in West Hollywood, California, says: “On the West Coast, we live in a land of glamour, celebrity and beauty. Here are the four trends and corresponding products that will be hot sellers in stores.
1. “Glistening hair. Argan-oil products allow hair the freedom to hang freely without direction—it’s a look that’s a little unkempt and has a whole lot of couture! Plus, oils can be used on hair as well as skin—an added benefit!
2. “High-pigment hair color. Hair today no longer falls into subtly sun-kissed or beachy ombré varieties. Hair is more vibrant, and rich in hues, texture and shine—think bright red and violet brunette tones. The hair gives off a 3-D effect and a radiant, light-enhanced appearance. To keep color bright and alive, offer shampoo and conditioner products that protect color from the inside out for longer-lasting results.
3. “Maintained-messy chignon. A maintained-messy chignon is carefully crafted yet effortless. This look needs styling wax to add texture and shine—a product that can also create messy men’s looks.
4. “The perfect blow-dry. Blow-dry bars are popping up like daisies, and the proper tools play a huge role. Also, brushes should create shine, smoothness and volume and last longer than a few blow-dries in terms of bristles coming in contact with heat.” n

Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS.

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