Edgecase Debuts Visual Shopping for Mobile

Edgecase has launched Visual Shopping, a solution that allows retailers to provide their mobile shoppers with a highly visual and intuitive product-discovery experience that feels more like an app than a website. With Visual Shopping, retailers can offer a Pinterest-like shopping experience that’s personal and memorable—and all within the mobile browser. Shoppers, liberated from menus and search boxes, are visually immersed in relevant products with the ability to save, share or continue to browse at every point.

The new Visual Shopping solution is already driving measurable improvements for Urban Decay. Early results show that shoppers who interact with Visual Shopping are more likely to engage, participate and buy from the brand:

  • Engage: 5 times more products viewed per session
  • Participate: Nearly 10% of shoppers share products with others (via social or by email)
  • Buy: 150% higher conversion rate

“Our customers are highly visual beauty fans who turn to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration,” said Katherine LaFranchise, assistant vice president of digital at Urban Decay. “Edgecase’s Visual Shopping offering allows us to provide a mobile browsing experience that is similar to these apps with a layer of intelligence to show shoppers what they are looking for, even if they can’t name it themselves. This is an amazing value proposition, and our early results are exceeding expectations.”

Garrett Eastham, Edgecase co-founder and CEO, stated, “Outdated website navigation structures are a hurdle on desktop—and a disaster on mobile. Visual Shopping allows retailers to get in step with consumers who expect to swipe and tap their way through beautiful images, not plod through search boxes and grids. The result is an inspiring and relevant mobile-discovery experience that keeps shoppers engaged and encourages brand re-engagement if they’re not ready to buy right then.”

With Visual Shopping retailers can instantly assemble and display a visual collage of relevant products whenever a shopper lands on a category or product page. Products are related through Edgecase’s platform using shopper-friendly attributes (“vegan,” “neutral,” “soft”)—not a manufacturer’s product copy. Visual Shopping adapts and learns as the shopper continues to interact, clicking and tapping their way to a more relevant selection of products.

  • Select: Shoppers simply select “More Like This” on an item to begin a visual journey through the product catalog.
  • Explore: Shoppers quickly swipe and tap through compelling product visuals, while behind the scenes Edgecase surfaces the most relevant products based on the shopper’s interests and a merchandising vocabulary that matches the way shoppers naturally think.
  • Share & Save: Compelling product discoveries can be pinned, shared, emailed or tweeted with a simple tap.

The entire experience is delivered within the mobile browser, where the majority of email, paid media and social sharing lands. The new offering ensures that a shopper can always click, scroll or tap to another item or action, eliminating “dead ends” and allowing brands to maximize existing brand and direct marketing investments. For more information, visit www.edgecase.io.

[Image courtesy of Edgecase and Urban Decay]