Etsy Wholesale Now in Beta Phase, Seeks Qualified Retailers and Vendors

Etsy Wholesale Now in Beta Phase, Seeks Qualified Retailers and Vendors

While beauty retailers usually want to sell well-known brands, a number of them—especially on the high end—have found Etsy to be an excellent source for small quantities of boutique-type merchandise to sell.

Now the marketplace giant has launched Etsy Wholesale for buyers and vendors, including bath and beauty, as well as other product categories.

Currently, it's in a beta period. And that's expected to be completed late this summer.

Etsy Wholesale defines itself at its homepage under "It's here!" as "a private, juried marketplace where retailers can discover unique, hard-to-find products from vetted artists, designers, and vintage purveyors."

It's being designed so that retailers can select from a large pool of items and connect directly with vendors, view their Web-based line sheets and submit orders—similar to a 24/7 online trade show.

There is an application process for Etsy Wholesale buyers and vendors.

Etsy Wholesale is free for buyer membership. It does vet buyer applicants to ensure that they qualify to purchase items wholesale. As a buyer, you guarantee that you represent a retail business and have the authority to enter into agreements on behalf of that business. You must be able to provide a valid Resale Tax ID number, VAT, BN or ABN for your business. (This information isn't verified, although it may be shared with a vendor during an order.)

Etsy Wholesale is free for vendors during the initial trial period. It's still in the process of finalizing the fee structure for vendor accounts and says it's "dedicated to creating pricing that will be appropriate for the marketplace and its services, yet not prohibitive for independent, creative businesses." Also, it vets vendor applicants to ensure that they're capable of fulfilling wholesale orders.

In its beta phase, Etsy Wholesale is open to applicants worldwide but will at first only be in English and only support U.S. dollars, wrote Vanessa Bertozzi, senior program manager/leader, in an Etsy News Blog post published April 17 in product announcements. (See it by clicking here. Also, check out her Feb. 28 Etsy News Blog post published in company news by clicking here.)

Last year, Etsy acquired Trunkt, and has used the technology and what it learned there for Etsy Wholesale. Trunkt has now closed.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Etsy Wholesale—including its full policies, click here.

To view and submit an application for Etsy Wholesale, click here.

[Image courtesy of Etsy Wholesale]