Facebook: The New Generation, p.3

Google Analytics
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s new integration with Google Analytics. “Not long ago, Facebook removed some features that allowed you to track your page views in Facebook via Google Analytics,” Miller says. That’s no longer a problem, she adds, now that Google allows company Web content to be displayed within the new iFrames model. Any content showcased within the frame can be completely tracked, sliced and diced with Google Analytics, a free program that has a great reputation for analyzing user behavior on websites. Other analytics programs will also work.
  • Easily track sales and other conversions sought on your Facebook presence. “Seriously, this one deserves about 15 exclamation points,” Miller says. “iFrames makes tracking conversions from Facebook—and keeping ad respondents within the Facebook application—much easier.”
  • Post a ‘Like’ button. A recent Facebook innovation, the ability to ‘Like’ a business confers an instant recommendation of your beauty-retail business to everyone within a Facebook user’s circle, be it 12 or 1,200 people. You can easily add a ‘Like’ button to your Facebook page by visiting developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/.
  • Consider other business-friendly social plugins. These plugins include ‘Recommendations,” which gives users personalized suggestions for pages on your site that they might like, and ‘Comments,’ which allows visitors to comment on content on your Facebook site. Meanwhile, the ‘Like’ box enables users to like your Facebook page and view its stream directly from your website. ‘Facepile’ shows profile pictures of a user’s friends who have already signed up for your site. And ‘Live Stream’ allows users to exchange comments and engage in other shared activity in real time as they interact during a live event on your Facebook page.
  • Post freely under your business name to other pages on Facebook. Facebook has also made it very easy for beauty stores to post to the walls of other pages. Previously, business messages had been restricted to appearing on the Facebook news feeds of people who liked you, friends of those people and, of course, on the wall of your own business Facebook page. Used judiciously, this new freedom to post to the walls of other Facebook pages could make promotion on Facebook much easier.

[Photo caption: iFrames on Facebook enables companies to track sales and other interactions using Google Analytics.]