Features: The Brow Experience

From brow culture to social media takeover, how Anastasia Soare operates one of the top beauty brands in the world, with style.

Anastasia Soare pulls up to the set of our photo shoot in her Maserati with a Chanel wardrobe bag and Prada roller suitcase close behind her. Ready to start the shoot, the first thing she pulls out of her suitcase are her shoe options for the cover wardrobe, red bottoms and all. The outfits are fresh off the runway and down to the last detail she is perfectly on point. Soare told the Beauty Store Business staff that she styles herself. As one of the leading CEOs in beauty, you can see the tremendous amount of detail and style that translates directly into her brand. Every move she makes has a purpose.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, a leading beauty brand, reshaped the shape and art of eyebrows through its breakthrough products. Soare has worked on the eyebrows of many celebrities and became a household name in the modeling and Hollywood scenes. Creating her product line has allowed customers all over the world to get her exclusive brows anytime, anywhere. And it doesn’t stop there, as Soare has launched liquid lipsticks, contouring kits, eye shadow palettes, highlighters and more.

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[Image: Armando Sanchez]