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Although she founded her company in 2009, Stacey Stilts is no stranger to the beauty industry. Her first foray into good-for-you beauty was 18 years ago as an executive with mineral makeup brand Bare Escentuals. This business experience, along with a childhood set on a family farm in Missouri, proved the springboard that launched her passion for natural-beauty products.

However, back then, says Stilts, there was nowhere to go for natural products other than a health-food store. Armed with the mission to change the status quo, Stilts founded Green Line Beauty, an innovative retail boutique in the heart of Los Angeles. Green Line Beauty concentrates all of its efforts on offering natural skin care and cosmetics, as well as educating consumers on the benefits of a natural-beauty lifestyle. Most of its products are prestige in nature, and all vendors meet rigorous standards and submit to a two-week test before the product is carried regularly.

The retailer’s products are offered in a range of categories, such as skin care, cosmetics, men’s products, body care, children’s products and even pet options. The company advertises that it is “always eco-conscious, toxin-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, fair trade, organic and made from the purest-sourced natural ingredients.” Given these high standards and a very specific focus, product selection is taken seriously.

“It’s not that difficult to decide which products are a fit,” says Stilts. Ingredients are researched to make sure that they are indeed natural, safe, and that they were not sourced from China. Formulas must not be tested on animals. Products must imbue the look and feel of prestige, as well as be effective. “You can’t just go into Whole Foods and purchase these products. We offer things that you can’t find elsewhere,” adds Stilts.

Once the preliminary product selection is complete, vendors submit a two-week supply of their products. Sales associates—women who range in age from 20 to 40 and who ascribe to a natural lifestyle—test the products to make sure there is interest and activity at the store level. If the product passes all of these standards, then it becomes a regular fixture.

Due to its Los Angeles location, Green Line Beauty hosts a large celebrity clientele. Other demographics include those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and women who are pregnant. While their underlying motives vary, a common thread through these demographics is the desire for prestige natural products.

Tailoring product to a specific niche was a natural choice for Stilts—and one that has yielded many benefits. “There have been no disadvantages,” says Stilts. “We do all the research on the products, and we try so hard. Although we’ve only been open since 2009, our clients are very loyal.”

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