How to Negotiate a Killer Deal, p.3

No. 5: Finesse.

No matter how large or small, almost every deal takes finesse, which is where skill and natural ability meet. This is where you get to have fun and allow your personality to shine. It means being able to explore different angles and try the somewhat weird and wacky—maybe even a bit of the fearless and crazy. It’s problem solving with a twist. It’s poise and diplomacy. It’s art. In the end, when finesse comes into play, the parties genuinely like each other, and all sides look for ways to make sure the deal becomes a reality. For the best wheelers and dealers, finesse comes naturally; they don’t even know they’re doing it. If you’re lucky, it works that way for you as well. If not, develop it, let it flow and have fun trying it. Before you know it, you’ll be finessing your deals too.

No. 6: “Swagger.”

This is an attitude you implement through finesse; it uses finesse as a tool. If finesse is about problem solving and outside-the-box thinking, then the “swagger” we’re talking about is having a commanding and authoritative disposition and demeanor but without pretentiousness or arrogance. It’s about knowing how good you are and hinting at what you are capable of but without being a braggadocio. This kind of swagger is a spirited characteristic that you possess and radiate without ever compromising your integrity or sacrificing your general likability. In a deal-making situation, your swagger should exude confidence, success and fearlessness. Hit the right notes with your swagger and you’ll walk away with what you want. It’s just one more step in perfecting your life-wealth plan.

Master these six steps and you’ll be ready for some high-stakes deal-making. Remember, though, that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so conquering negotiating skills won’t happen that quickly either. Start small before attempting to hit the big leagues. You may have to stumble a few times, but just get back up and go at it again. Along the way, keep both your successes and your failures in perspective, remembering that they are just stepping-stones along your lifetime of deal adventures. Once you’ve mastered the art, aim high—just like those seemingly crazy and fearless billionaires.

Arthur Wylie is an entrepreneur, business consultant and author of Only the Crazy and Fearless Win BIG!: The Surprising Secrets to Success in Business and in Life (, BenBella Books), soon to be released. He is CEO of Arthur Wylie Enterprises, a brand that has diverse practice areas, including business consulting, speaking, real estate, investing, entertainment/film production, book publishing and philanthropy.

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