Inner Beauty Category Grows With Lumity-Helena Christensen Partnership

The inner beauty trend continues to grow as one of the most iconic faces in beauty agrees to represent rising antiaging supplement Lumity. Supermodel, photographer and humanitarian, Helena Christensen is Lumity’s new global ambassador. Christensen is a long-time user of the clinically tested antiaging supplement created by Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, Ph.D. The supplement works to restore youthfulness at the cellular level, which is one of the factors that drew Christensen to her new role.

"I've been a long-time believer in the concept that outer beauty reflects inner health," says Christensen. "When you take care of yourself and feel good, you radiate it on the outside. Lumity supports the body and counterbalances damage through protection, repair and cellular efficiency and has become an integral step in my beauty and wellness routine. I'm excited to introduce Lumity to women looking for a natural, all-in-one supplement to improve their skin, sleep and overall health."

While its difficult to measure beauty results from supplementation, Lumity claims that its twice-daily formula uses the body's circadian rhythm to improve skin, energy and wellness by countering nine causes of aging. The formula contains a science-based blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to fortify the body and stimulate its natural aging defenses. A 12-week controlled, double-blind clinical study lead by investigative dermatologist, Dr. Zoe Draelos, showed generally positive results. Of the 50 women, ages 35 to 65, who participated, 84 percent noted improved energy, better sleep and a more positive outlook on life. The supplement may also be connected to improvement in skin-aging factors, including skin roughness, dullness, hydration and firmness as well as overall appearance.

Christensen says it was her value of inner beauty as the key to outer beauty, along with the brand’s philosophy, clinical results and her own personal benefits from use that led to her accepting her new role within Lumity. "Helena embodies the idea of living a Lumity Life–with health and vitality to make the most of every day," said Lumity's chief executive officer David Wasilewski. "Partnering with her as a global ambassador was an easy decision. She is a long-time customer, and shares the brand's philosophy that the body knows best, and nourishing yourself on the inside shows on the outside." 

[Image courtesy of Lumity]