Jab’Argan Oil

This brand has enriched its argan oil products with vitamins to support radiant skin and healthy locks. The brand experts have blended the natural compound of argan oil with pomegranate seed oil in one of their products, creating an anti-inflammatory product that boosts collagen production and lightens hyper-pigmented areas of the skin. Punic acid, the fatty acid present in pomegranate seed oil, has been harnessed to create a product with excellent moisturizing, protecting and nourishing properties. Also available is Jab’Argan Oil with prickly pear seed extract–perfect for healing cuts, lessening blemishes and reducing tell-tale dark circles under the eyes. Argan oil is renowned as a natural healing and moisturizing substance, loaded with vitamin A and vitamin E, as well as a multitude of other useful components. It is also a wonderful collagen booster, helping to revive aging skin and give hair a thicker and healthier appearance. Visit www.jabarganoil.com.