Join the Vlog-olution, p.2


Folica, an online beauty retailer with an emphasis on hair care, jumped on the vlogging train when it noticed that its customers were using vlogging to promote products. The company, founded in 1999, has developed a strong customer base over the years, with an original mission to “provide customers an outstanding selection of hair products at highly competitive prices, along with an opportunity to learn new haircare possibilities through other, similar shoppers.”

“Our customers began video blogging about the products they purchased from us,” says Jessica Bohm, Folica’s director of marketing. “We gave them the option to post their vlog and reviews on our product pages. Over the past few years, we decided to join in the fun ourselves. We started generating our own content with the same authentic approach our customers took, while partnering with key players in the vlogging community to increase brand awareness.”

Folica promotes its vlogs on its website, through marketing emails, on Facebook and on YouTube. Its target audience is females ages 18 to 45 years old. Bohm says there has been an extremely receptive response to their vlogging. “We have seen a big rise in email clicks in addition to an overall increased engagement. Vlogging has opened up a new dialogue with our customers, as each video receives a collection of conversations that we participate in.”

Folica keeps its vlogging topics open, with subject matter brought up in customer reviews, popular hair trends, showcasing products that lend themselves to visual presentation and customer feedback.
Already a strong presence on the Internet, its entry into vlogging has helped broaden its reach even more. “Not only does our vlogging create an active connection with beauty influencers, we have opened up a channel that produces unlimited contact,” says Bohm. “The content never expires. We consistently find that our consumer-to-consumer approach with vlogging lifts sales for highlighted products. Vlogging has also worked well for topics or products that consumers may find intimidating or confusing.”

For businesses that want to get into the vlogging scene, Bohm recommends looking online and reaching out to vloggers who are advocating their products. Learn from them and get involved in the conversation. “Don’t be intimidated by the production process either,” she says. “Vloggers usually find success with a unique, genuine message. Vlogs don’t require a video crew or team of editors.”

[Image: Courtesy of Folica]