Join the Vlog-olution, p.3

Courtesy of Mirabella


Mirabella, another social-media savvy beauty company, has also found success with vlogging. Mirabella has been a part of the beauty world since the late 1980s, starting with a small distribution company and eventually evolving into the company it is today.

The company started vlogging on YouTube in 2010, says president John Maly. “At first, we did an eight-minute video so our salons could understand the Fall Trends release. It was a little too long, but still popular. We pared it down for the next trend in the spring, and since then, we have [shot] video [at] every event, including our press event in New York and our 2012 photo shoot.”

Mirabella’s vlogs are posted on YouTube and promoted through Facebook and Twitter. The company will also be posting on the front page of its website to provide more initial interest. It’s vlogs include product descriptions and press events. “Consumers LOVED our New York Fashion Week videos,” says Maly. “We got 50,000 views in just a couple of weeks. People enjoy video. If we can tell them, they are more apt to listen than read something. Some of our salons also eblast customers with our videos to create a buzz for the brand.”

While Mirabella has yet to make the connection of increased sales and vlogging—”We’re still figuring that out!” says Maly—the company definitely sees vlogging as an important part of its future. “It’s easy to get started, and it’s cheap!” he says. “You have the ability with a cell phone to make a video, post it on YouTube and post a link to Facebook and on your website. The video can be as simple as a client talking about how [she] loves your salon or store, or a vendor talking about how amazing your business is. It can even be you telling your story. Our story video has been very popular. People all over the world have watched it as they research makeup brands to distribute.”

[Image: Courtesy of Mirabella]