Lacquerous: "Netflix for Nails"

Lacquerous: "Netflix for Nails"

Have you heard about Lacquerous yet? It's a new beauty start-up that launched last November marketed as "Netflix for Nails,” bringing luxury lacquer brands to consumers' front doors. Think butter LONDON, CHANEL, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, MAC, Tom Ford Beauty and more.

The online-subscription service bills its members $18 a month for a choice of three premium nail-lacquer shades.

When nail enthusiasts are done—whether it was for at-home and/or for in-salon use—they swap out old shades for new ones.

Here's how it specifically works: Once your free membership is activated, you log in at the website, pick your shades and within two to three days they’ll arrive. You have 30 days to try and wear the luxury lacquers before shipping them back and requesting your next batch.

Lacquerous started out with a collection of nine brands and 70 unique shades with plans to expand over the next few months.

In fact, company officials recently told Beauty Store Business that Lacquerous is planning a promo with LVX—a brand not currently listed on its website—starting April 1, and will be giving away free lacquer to members and nonmembers.

“Women want to try these high-end nail lacquers, and there’s no way to do that without spending from $23 to $30 a bottle," says co-founder and marketing executive Ashlene Nand. "Lacquerous allows members to keep up with seasonal runway trends, try luxury beauty brands and not break the bank.”

Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion and a fashion tech start-up consultant, adds, “It’s a successful business model that we’ve seen before with handbags, clothing and, of course, movies. We hope that the beauty industry and its consumers will embrace it and have fun!”

Lacquerous showcases high-end nail content on its social-media platforms and encourages users to post pictures of their luxury manicures online.

[Image courtesy of Lacquerous]