Latest PBA Indie Distributor Survey Reports Higher Sales

Professional Beauty Association

Results from the Professional Beauty Association's Distributor Benchmarking Survey—a key economic indicator of business trends in the growing independent salon-product distributors arena—are out for the second quarter of 2012 with good news: 84% of respondents reported higher sales with the median increase at 17.5%.

The survey is also reporting that 67% expanded with at least one new line and a majority said they added staff.

"The PBA Distributor Benchmarking report shows that even in a stagnant economy, professional distribution is dynamic and growing in the beauty industry," says Steven Neumaier, president of Goldwell New York and chair of the PBA task force that manages the research effort.

The quarterly Distributor Benchmarking Survey, which launched earlier this year, includes information on sales, lines, stores, employees and education. It's designed to provide distributors of any size with valuable data that they can use to help benchmark their businesses against others and use as a tool to make important decisions.

"I am delighted to report that participation in this quarter's survey increased significantly," adds Elizabeth Fantetti, PBA director of membership. "We welcome other independent beauty distributors to take part in the third-quarter survey so they can receive a complimentary version of the survey results."

Each survey's results are always complimentary to respondents. They're available for $50 to PBA distributor members who don't respond and for $79 to PBA manufacturer members.

To participate in future surveys or to receive the current survey results, call the PBA membership team at 800.468.2274 or visit the PBA website.

[Image courtesy of Professional Beauty Association]