Mobile Retailing 101: Ready to Shop

Wondering what apps are already available to help consumers shop? Check out some of the most popular ones, according to PCWorld.

  • The Red Laser app allows customers to scan an item’s barcode and check prices from online and local retailers for a comparison.
  • Geolocation app Shopkick lets customers collect points and redeem rewards depending on which stores they visit.
  • The Coupon Sherpa app is a searchable coupon database that allows customers to ditch coupon stacks.
  • Key Ring ( scans and stores all store loyalty reward cards so they’re all in one place and easily accessible.
  • The CompareMe app lets consumers compare the price difference between purchasing one item or that same item in bulk.
  • Google Shopper does a bit of everything, from scanning barcodes to showing a deal of the day to searching products via voice input.
  • Buzzillions gives users access to thousands of user reviews with the swipe of a barcode. ■

Liz Barrett is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS.
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