New IFRA North America Film Highlights How Fragrances Are Created and the Science Behind Them

New IFRA North America Film Highlights How Fragrances Are Created and the Scienc

The International Fragrance Association of North America has released The Story of Fragrances—an insightful documentary that gives an inside look at the fragrance industry and the science behind the world's most well-known and successful perfumes.

The film gives viewers a unique glimpse into the processes artists and scientists use to create the world's most popular fragrances. Experts from the industry discuss how artistry and passion combine with science and technology to produce the world's best-selling fragrances.

"This documentary will open people's eyes to the science and artistry behind the fragrances we all use and love," says Jennifer Abril, IFRA North America president. "This film clears up any misperceptions about the industry by showing that safety, precaution and precision are essential when crafting fragrances. The Story of Fragrances demonstrates that consumer safety is the No. 1 goal of the industry."

IFRANA represents the fragrance-materials industry in the United States and Canada. Its member companies create and manufacture perfumes and fragrances for personal-care, home-care and home-design products. Companies that supply fragrance ingredients, such as essential oils and other raw materials, are also members.

The documentary features a number of renowned artists and scientists, including Carlos Benaim, creator of Polo by Ralph Lauren; and Christophe Laudamiel, co-perfumer on Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren and winner of the FIFI "Fragrance Star of the Year" Award in 2003.

It also contains compelling interviews with Abril, perfume evaluator Nancy Cordaro and master perfumers Steven Claisse and Mark Banwer.

The Story of Fragrances can be viewed in its entirety via the IFRANA website,

[Image courtesy of the International Fragrance Association of North America]